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Assist of Local citizen only


1. Mew MRP Passport  application.

2. Renewal of Passport.

3. Correction of your passport.


Foreigners Assistant


1.Foreigners Registration.

2.Visa Renewal or Extention.

3.Guide to all side of Bangladesh.

Procedure for registration



(1) The registration report shall be presented by a foreigner who enters Bangladesh within 7 days of his arrival, at such time and place and to such authority as may be appointed by the Registration Officer of the port or other place of arrival;

 (2) The Registration Officer or other authority as aforesaid to whom the Registration report is presented shall issue to the foreigner a temporary Certificate of Registration in Form C and the foreigner shall thereafter comply with the conditions set out in that Form.

(3) Every foreigner presenting a Registration report shall furnish to the Registration Officer such information as may be in his possession for the purpose of satisfying the said officer as to the accuracy of the particulars specified therein and shall, on being required so to do, sign the Registration report in the presence of the said Officer and shall thereupon be entitled to receive from the said officer a Certificate of Registration on Part II of Form B:

List of documents & late fee structure


List of documents that are required at the time of registration with the Foreigners Registration Offices in Bangladesh is given below.

  1. Original passport on which visa is endorsed.
  2. Two passport type photographs of the applicant
  3. A registration form duly filled (available here on this site)
  4. Treasury Deposit (Challan) slip of late registration fees (if applicable), there is no fee charged for registration. However, a late fee is charged for late registration,

A late fee is required for being late for more than 7 days, the fee structure is as below

Late registration of foreign nationals:

(i) Taka 2000/- (Two thousand) after expiry of  
     7 days on arrival


(ii) Taka 5000/- (Five thousand) after expiry of
      15 days on arrival

The late fee needs to be deposited at Bangladesh bank or Sonali Bank, in reference to deposit Code 1-2275-0000-2681. A copy of the treasury Challan (deposit slip) must be submitted with the registration form to the concerned officer.

Issuance of Travel permit & Exit permission



  • Certificates of registration will be issued by the registration officers. The foreigners should surrender their certificates of registration to the Registration Officer of the place where they are registered and should collect the exit permit.
  • The Immigration officer at the post/check post of exit will require the exit permit, then the foreigners should submit the exit permit to the Immigration officer at the post/check posts of exit.
  • The present law still demands registration in every visit to Bangladesh. However, amendment is under process while registration will be required to be done only once during the validity of a visa irrespective of the number of times the foreigner leaves/re-enters Bangladesh on a multi entry facility.

At present registration facilities are not provided at the airport. Registration is done in the offices of Special branch, City Special branch & District Special branch. Infrastructure development to facilitate registration at ZIA International airport is under process.

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